• The TCC  is part of:
    • OLA https://internet6-national-soere-ola.hub.inrae.fr/
      • Publication OLA: Rimet F, Anneville O, Barbet D, Chardon C, Crépin L, Domaizon I, Dorioz J-M, Espinat L, Frossard V, Guillard J, Goulon C, Hamelet V, Hustache J-C, Jacquet S, Lainé L, Montuelle B, Perney P, Quetin P, Rasconi S, Schellenberger A, Tran-Khac V, Monet G. The Observatory on LAkes (OLA) database: Sixty years of environmental data accessible to the public: The Observatory on LAkes (OLA) database. J Limnol [Internet]. 2020 Feb. 27 [cited 2021 Aug. 24];79(2). Available from: https://www.jlimnol.it/index.php/jlimnol/article/view/jlimnol.2020.1944 
    • the BRC4Env, Biological Resource Centres for the Environment. It aims at storing and providing environmental resources (biological material and associated data), in a secure way and an optimal traceability. BRC4Env is one of the pilar of the French national infrastructure "Agricultural Resources for Research" (AgroBRC-RARe). Presentation of BRC4Env is published:
      • Mougin, C., Artige, E., Marchand, F., Mondy, S., Ratié, C., Sellier, N., Castagnone, P., Coeur D'Acier, A., Esmenjaud, D., Faivre-Primot, C., Granjon, L., Hamelet, V., Lange, F., Pages, S., Rimet, F., Ris, N., Salle, G. (2018). BRC4Env, a network of Biological Resource Centres for research in environmental and agricultural sciences. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. DOI : 10.1007/s11356-018-1973-7       https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11356-018-1973-7
  • The cultures of the TCC collection have been sequenced, data are available at Diat.barcode
  • Sequence data are also available on the website of the R-syst network. R-syst is a national network of a dozen of research teams of INRA institute, working on molecular and morphological characterisation of organisms.
  • The TCC is registred into the WDCM: WDCM 1030 
  • The TCC is registred at the Global Registry of Biorepositories http://grbio.org/institution/thonon-culture-collection-umr-carrtel-inra
  • Citation of the collection:
    • Rimet, Frédéric; Chardon, Cécile; Lainé, Leslie; Bouchez, Agnès; Domaizon, Isabelle; Guillard, Jean; Jacquet, Stéphan, 2018, "Thonon Culture Collection -TCC- a freshwater microalgae collection", https://doi.org/10.15454/UQEMVW, Portail Data Inra, V1

Redactor: F. Rimet